19/06/2014 Questions to Full Council from Cllr Varinder Singh Bola

19 Jun

The below extract is taken from Redbridge Council’s approved minutes for 19th June 2014:

Councillor Singh Bola asked the Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, Councillor Norman, will the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services rule out closing and/ or demolishing grammar schools in the Borough?

Councillor Norman replied that she could categorically rule out closing the grammar schools in this Borough. You may be aware that Cabinet agreed to release funding for the feasibility studies needed to support the expansion of both schools. Subsequently Council, in its budget for 2014/15, made provision for that expansion. There were early indications that there would be a need to demolish some older buildings at both sites that were not fit for education in the 21st century. Still she anticipated, and would give a commitment, that these buildings would be replaced with buildings that were fit for purpose.

By way of a supplementary question, Councillor Singh Bola asked, can the Cabinet Member confirm that the expansion of the grammar schools will go ahead?

Councillor Norman replied that she could confirm that the expansion of the grammar schools would go ahead, they were supported by the Labour Party when the budget was placed before Council, the feasibility studies were being done as we speak and she was hopeful that planning permission would be forthcoming to allow these expansions to go forward.

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