Animal ambassador to champion welfare of Redbridge pets

10 Aug

A councillor is hoping to make a “real difference” to the lives of the borough’s animals after he was made an animal welfare champion.

Cllr Varinder Singh Bola, will be looking out for Redbridge’s furry and feathered residents following an RSPCA campaign to encourage councils to nominate a councillor for the role.

The councillor will be working to ensure the basic needs of pets are met – needs which include having suitable environments, diets and protection from injury and disease.

The RSPCA will be training Cllr Singh Bola to deal with animal-related issues.

The animal welfare champion said: “I am very pleased to have been given the chance to fulfil this very important role. As well as working with the RSCPA Inspectors, I will also be looking into the animal welfare policy and giving residents any animal related guidance and advice that is needed.

“Redbridge Council already has a Gold Footprint award for its service, commitment and approach to improving animal welfare and tackling the issue of stray dogs.

“Failing to provide for the needs of any animal or causing an animal unnecessary suffering is an offence. Anyone found guilty of this offence may be banned from owning animals, face a large fine or imprisonment.”

RSCPA senior parliamentary adviser Lenny Rolles said: ”The RSPCA is delighted that Redbridge Council has embraced this initiative and I am sure Cllr Singh Bola will make a fantastic animal welfare ambassador along with councillors from other London boroughs for the Animal Welfare Champions Network.

“This network of councils in the London area encourages local authorities to focus on a variety of welfare issues such as stray dogs, dangerous dogs and cat neutering, and share information and good practice with each other, perhaps even changing policy in some cases.

“We hope it will make a real difference to improving the lives of animals across London.”

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