British Indian councillors believe Britain is stronger, safer and better in the European Union

21 Jun

71 British Indian councillors from across the UK and across the political spectrum have united to publicly pledge their support for the cross-party ‘British Indians for IN‘ campaign and to make the case for the UK remaining a member of the European Union.

Councillors spanning the whole of UK believe that being a member of the European Union significantly benefits the country not just economically, but in terms of security, trade and our presence globally, and are actively campaigning in their local areas to secure the ‘Remain’ vote on the 23rd of June.

Areas represented by the supportive councillors include wards in England, Wales and Scotland, and councillors represent the Conservative, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties respectively.

Councillor Geetha Morla, from Milton Keynes, said that her decision was an easy one: “For me, there is no question about whether or not Britain should remain a member of the EU. The European single market is by far our biggest trading partner, providing jobs and ensuring lower prices in our shops. Our membership also means we have a seat at the table to determine the rules of doing business and that we can collaborate on issues such as the environment. By contrast, a vote for Brexit is a leap in the dark and a huge gamble on an uncertain future.”

Balwant Chadha, councillor for Cumbernauld North in North Lanarkshire and the country’s first Sikh Justice of the Peace, told the campaign: “I strongly believe that Britain is in a much stronger position remaining in E.U and safer not only economically and culturally, but is able to lead people in European countries to improve their quality of life.”

Sandwell councillor Preet Gill made the historical case for Britain remaining, stating: “Britain has a history of engaging with the world and standing up on matters of international laws against country’s. With its rich diversity it cannot and should not be a country that becomes insular but continues to be outward facing and addressing matters like immigration, terrorism and the economy with the EU as together, we are stronger and better.”

Leicester City Councillor Vijay Singh Riyait believes that Britain’s membership of the EU is critical to our long-term prospects, commenting: “Britain’s future economic and social well being relies on us being an integral part of the EU and working to tackle the big issues facing us all such as climate change, migration and security with our Europeans friends.”

Councillor Kamaljit Singh Chana, from Harrow Council, said the choice for him is simple: “I want a seat at the table whereby I can effectively contribute to an issue, influence and set strategy that will affect my country.”

Looking to the future, Councillor Mukesh Malhotra from Hounslow said that his vote to remain would be a vote for his children and grandchildren: “Our membership of EU supports jobs and investment and helps deliver social justice. I stay remain for the benefit of my children & grandson in the future.”

Senior Labour MP Virendra Sharma MP, who represents Ealing Southall a constituency with a large British Indian community, explained his position on the upcoming referendum: “Being a member of the EU means that the UK is better off and safer in an increasingly uncertain world. While the UK is in the EU it stands between the Commonwealth and Europe, we are a stronger trading partner for India while we have access to the Single Market. Voting to remain means staying part of the Single Market of 500 million people – Britain’s biggest trading partner – with a say over the rules of doing business across Europe. That means more jobs, lower prices, and more financial security for British families.”

Conservative MP Alok Sharma, who is co-ordinating the ‘British Indians for IN’ campaign, commented: “There are around 1.2 million British Indians voters across the UK and our votes could be absolutely crucial in determining the outcome of the EU referendum on 23 June.  It is clear that very many people and business leaders within the British Indian community agree that voting to remain in the UK is the right choice for our country and our community.  Please make sure your vote counts as we are better off and safer as  member of the EU.”

A significant majority of councillors contacted have been in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union and the following councillors have publicly pledged their support for the UK remaining a member of the European Union:

Cllr Krupesh Hirani, London Borough of Brent, Labour

Cllr Dhanisha Patel, Bridgend County Council, Labour

Cllr Rishi Shori, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, Labour

Cllr Baggy Shanker, Derby City Council, Labour

Cllr Balbir Sandhu, Derby City Council, Labour

Cllr Joe Naitta, Derby City Council, Liberal Democrat

Cllr Charan Sharma, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Gurmit Mann, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Jasbir Anand, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Joanna Camadoo, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Kamaljit Dhindsa, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Kamaljit Nagpal, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Karam Mohan, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Mohammed Aslam, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Mohinder Midha, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Rajinder Mann, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Ranjit Dheer, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Safraz Khan, London Borough of Ealing, London

Cllr Shital Manro, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Swaran Padda, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Swarn Kang, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Tej Bagha, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Tejinder Dhami, London Borough of Ealing, Labour

Cllr Harpinder Singh, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Labour

Cllr Kaushika Amin, London Borough of Haringey, Labour

Cllr Aneka Shah-Levy, London Borough of Harrow, Labour

Cllr Ajay Maru, London Borough of Harrow, Labour

Cllr Bharat Thakker, London Borough of Harrow, Conservative

Cllr Kairul Kareema Marikar, Borough of Harrow, Labour

Cllr Kamaljit Chana, London Borough of Harrow, Conservative

Cllr Kiran Ramchandani, London Borough of Harrow, Labour

Cllr Mina Parmar, London Borough of Harrow, Conservative

Cllr Ajmer Grewal, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Bandna Chopra, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Harleen Atwal Hear, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Manjit Singh Buttar, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Mukesh Malhotra, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Pritam Grewal, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Rajinder Bath, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Sachin Gupta, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Surinder Purewal, London Borough of Hounslow, Labour

Cllr Satnam Gill, London Borough of Islington, Labour

Cllr Raju Pandya, Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Conservative

Cllr Aminur Thalukdar, Leicester City Council, Labour

Cllr Ratilal Govind, Leicester City Council, Labour

Cllr Vijay Singh Riyait, Leicester City Council, Labour

Cllr Asha Saroy, Medway Council, Conservative

Cllr Laxmi Attawar, London Borough of Merton, Labour

Cllr Geetha Morla, Milton Keynes, Conservative

Cllr Jatin Patel, Mole Valley District Council, Conservative

Cllr Balwant Singh Chadha, North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Labour

Cllr Gurpal Atwal, Oadby and Wigston District Council, Labour

Cllr M Latif Darr, Oadby and Wigston District Council, Liberal Democrat

Cllr Yakub Patel, Preston City Council, Labour

Cllr Varinder Singh Bola, London Borough of Redbridge, Labour

Cllr Ben Khosa, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Liberal Democrat

Cllr Preet Gill, Sandwell Council, Labour

Cllr Amarpreet Dhaliweel, Slough Council, Conservative

Cllr Arvind Dhaliwal, Slough Council, Labour

Cllr Joginder S Bal, Slough Council, Labour

Cllr Rajinder S Sandhu, Slough Council, Conservative

Cllr Satpal S Parmar, Slough Council, Labour

Cllr Wal Chahal, Slough Council, Conservative

Cllr Sunil Chopra, London Borough of Southwark, Labour

Cllr Daxa Patel, Spelthorne Borough Council, Conservative

Cllr Gurmeet Singh Kallar, Stoke-On-Trent City Council, Labour

Cllr Reena Ranger, Three Rivers District Council, Conservative

Cllr Shiria Khatun, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Labour

Cllr Balvinder Gill, Warwick District Council, Labour

Cllr Bilqees Mauthoor, Watford Borough Council, Labour

Cllr Arun Photay, Wolverhampton City Council, Conservative