Dumped fridge freezer costs man almost £1,800

9 Feb

A man who dumped an old fridge freezer has been hit with a bill for £1775 after pleading guilty to fly tipping.

Liviu-Pavel Moga, 41, from Marlborough Road, Romford, was caught on camera as he offloaded the appliance from his car into a private car parking space outside of ‘Doors R Us’, in Eastern Avenue.

The owner of the shop arrived for work on 31 May 2016 but found the kitchen appliance in his space. After checking his CCTV camera he contacted the Council’s Enforcement Team.

The footage showed Moga getting out his car close to the shop, he looked around before getting back in the car and reversing the car into the private car parking space. He then removed the fridge freezer, propped it against a wall and drove off.

The Enforcement Team were able to trace the vehicle back to Moga who was interviewed and confessed to taking the fridge freezer from his home. He claimed that he intended to take it to his sister’s address in Stratford but said the appliance had started making a hissing noise. He said he thought it would be hazardous so decided to dump it in the belief the Council would clear it away.

However, he admitted that neither he nor his sister contacted the Council to make them aware of the matter and even added that he had driven past the fridge freezer the following day and noticed it was still where he left it.

At Barkingside Magistrate Court on Friday 3 February, Moga was fined £1,107, ordered to pay costs of £558, and pay a victim’s surcharge of £110. A total cost of £1,775.

The Chair Magistrate told him that fly-tipping was a serious offence and that the penalty being imposed was intended to stop others doing the same.