Ilford Quiet Streets Programme

15 Jul

Redbridge Council has been successful in securing funding from TfL and the Department for Transport for a series of ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’ which we are calling Quiet Streets.

The idea of ‘Quiet Streets’ is to create quieter, greener, slower and safer streets for our local residents to enjoy. This will include measures to stop rat running, speeding and unnecessary through traffic. Essentially, we want to help create local streets for local people and create the atmosphere where children can play in the street, without fear of an accident. The atmosphere we want to create is one that will encourage our residents to walk and cycle more. A shift to active travel and turning 10-minute car journeys into ones on foot, will drastically improve the health of our residents and reduce our levels of diabetes and other cardiovascular disease.

We hope that these Quiet Streets will create real liveable benefits for our residents not only in terms of a reduction in air pollution and road safety, but also in terms of their experience of living in their neighbourhood. There will also be increased opportunity for more greenery and planting using street planters.

We will be working with our local residents on these solutions and in the meantime residents can suggest ideas or flag problems by using this interactive tool –