Tribute in memory of Mr Tilak Sharma

23 Oct

Ilford Recorder letter (23rd October 2015): Sad at dear of great tutor

Cllr Varinder Singh Bola, Henley Road, Ilford, writes:

It is with great sadness that I came to know about the recent death of Mr Tilak Sharma of Milverton Gardens, Ilford.

For many years Mr Sharma was a teacher and later a private mathematics tutor. He was well known for his love of education and firm but fair approach to studying.

For me Mr Sharma came at a crucial time in my life. Whilst at Cleveland Junior School, I was struggling with education and couldn’t break out of the lowest maths set.

My 11+ exams were on the horizon and it was clear that I was academically underachieving across core subjects. I took the decision to withdraw from the 11+ exams and instead concentrate on tackling the SATs examinations.

With Mr Sharma’s tutoring I achieving a good set of SATS results and after the summer break I quickly advanced to the top maths class at my new second home – Oxford School of Science and Technology.

Such stories of Mr Sharma’s excellent teaching will not be unique. I know several of Mr Sharma’s pupils who struggled with education but have gone on to have great careers and reach the top of their profession.

I want to express my profound grief, and that of all his former students, to the Sharma family.

Mr Sharma is survived by his wife and daughters.

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