New hi-tech ‘Big Belly Bins’ being trialled in Ilford

23 Nov

Councillor John HowardThe handsome chap photographed standing outside Ilford Station is my friend Councillor John Howard. He’s Redbridge Council‘s lead person on for the environment and sustainability portfolio.

Here he is with one of our two new hi-tech bins being trialled by the Council to help make the Borough cleaner.

The ‘Big Belly Bins’ hold roughly eight times the amount of rubbish of a regular bin and compact waste automatically throughout the day. Because of their greater capacity the bins could free up more time for street sweepers to make areas tidier as they will not need to spend as much time emptying bins each day.

The bins also send an alert to the cleansing team when they are full meaning no time is wasted.

Unlike the Tories, Redbridge Labour is not salami slicing services until they’re no longer fit for purpose but fundamentally transforming how services are delivered.