New Redbridge Council Cabinet confirmed

19 May

Yesterday, Leader of Redbridge Council, Cllr Jas Athwal, announced his new look Cabinet – which will guide Redbridge over its exciting journey of revitalisation and improvement over
the coming two years.

Cllr Athwal, in addition to his role as leader will continue to guide the Transformation, Performance, Strategy and Communication elements of the Council. Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Elaine Norman, will continue in her important role as Cabinet Member for Children and Young People guiding Education, Youth Service and Child Poverty, and adding Early Intervention and Prevention elements to her range of portfolio areas.

Cllr Helen Coomb will continue to be Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Property and Planning; this is a vital role that will ensure the successful delivery and implementation of the Redbridge Local Plan, regeneration projects across the Borough, and particularly in the Ilford Town Centre with the commencement of the Cross Rail (Elizabeth Line) services in the
coming years.

Cllr Ross Hatfull will take on the role of Civic Pride, following the retirement from Cabinet of Cllr Dev Sharma. Cllr Hatfull will guide the Council in areas such as Arts and Culture, Crime
and Community Safety; and looking at important key work to address and prevent domestic violence in our community.

Councillor for Aldborough, John Howard, will join the new look Cabinet to take on the role as Cabinet Member for Environment and Sustainability. Cllr Howard’s role will guide Council
in the areas of Transport, Road Safety, Parking as well as Recycling and Refuse.

Cllr Farah Hussain has picked up the increasingly important role as Cabinet Member for Housing, looking at how Council can best deal with Housing Strategy, Services and

Seven Kings Councillor, Bob Littlewood also joins Cabinet, following the retirement from Cabinet of Cllr Baldesh Nijjar. Cllr Littlewood will take on the new Cabinet role of
Employment, Skills and Fairness. Cllr Littlewood will see in the delivery of the Fairness Commission Recommendations, as well as guiding the development of Employment, Skills
and Apprenticeship policy and programmes.

Cllr Kam Rai will continue in his role as Cabinet Member for Finance and Support Services, guiding the Council’s Finance and Budgeting, including its Capital Program.

Cllr Mark Santos will also continue in his important role as Cabinet Member for Social Care and Health, with responsibility for Adult Social Care, Older People and Public Health.

Cllr Athwal said:

“This is the new look team that will guide the London Borough of Redbridge to the next election and hopefully beyond, It is the team that I have chosen.”

“These are challenging times – the effects of Central Government cuts are being seen across
London and the United Kingdom.

“One of the biggest challenges is to make sure that the Council can provide adequate
housing stocks for those who really need it; and we have already taken major steps forward
to achieving this.

“Make no mistake – there will be a real choice for Redbridge residents in the next election:
an administration that listens to the concerns of its residents and delivers on its promises.”

Cllr Athwal said there are still many challenges for Council; and this new look team is best
suited to meet this challenge.

Cllr Athwal welcomed Councillors John Howard and Bob Littlewood to the Cabinet and
thanked Councillors Dev Sharma and Baldesh Nijjar for the exceptional work, drive and
determination they have shown during their time in the Cabinet.

The new cabinet at a glance

Leader: Councillor Jas Athwal
Deputy Leader and Children’s & Young People: Councillor Elaine Norman
Civic Pride: Ross Hatfull
Environment and Sustainability: Councillor John Howard
Regeneration, Property & Planning: Councillor Helen Coomb
Housing: Councillor Farah Hussain
Employment, Skills and Fairness: Councillor Bob Littlewood
Finance and Support Services: Councillor Kam Rai

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