Sadiq Khan responds to Zac Goldsmith’s Dog Whistle politics

18 Mar

Sadiq Khan: “Zac Goldsmith’s dishonest and negative campaign has hit a new low with its latest leaflet – that’s what happens when you’re losing and desperate.

I want to be crystal clear to all Londoners whose family come from the Indian subcontinent – I will be a Mayor for all Londoners and I will be on your side.

My family lived in Uttar Pradesh in India, before partition. My life story is the same as many families from the subcontinent – my parents moved to London in the 1960s and worked every hour possible to give us kids the chance of a better future.

Now I’m running for Mayor because I want all Londoners to get the opportunities that this city gave to me. I have strong family values – I believe passionately in opportunity, education and the value of hard work.

I’ve always stood up for all Londoners and all communities – and I’ll always be a friend to India, which is such a magical country. I look forward to visiting India as Mayor.

Don’t believe Zac Goldsmith’s threat of some kind of ‘jewellery tax’ – he simply made it up. As Mayor, I’ll act to tackle household burglaries – which risk rising under the Tories because of cuts to police.

I hope you can support me on 5 May so that I can be a Mayor for all Londoners.”

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