Smoke engulfs street during a house fire in Ilford

16 Jun

A councillor, who captured the terrifying moment “plumes of smoke” from a house fire spread across a normally quiet road, has sent good wishes to the residents involved.

Four fire engines and 21 fire fighters tackled the blaze in Henley Road, Ilford, at 8.55pm on Tuesday.

Cranbrook Cllr Varinder Singh Bola, captured images of the fire from a bedroom window and said “the whole street was immersed in smoke”.

“I had just returned from work and went upstairs to see my dad looking out the window.

“At first I thought smoke was coming from a car, but a fire fighter broke a window and a large flame shot out.

“There was a rush of commotion and sirens.”

Cllr Singh Bola said lots of passers by stopped and neighbours came out of their houses to see what was going on.

He praised the emergency services who reacted quickly to put out the fire and block off the road.

Nobody was in the property at the time of the incident and Cllr Singh Bola added: “I hope whoever is living there gets the right support to rebuild their life.

“There must have been quite a lot of damage done to the property.”

London Fire Brigade Watch Manager, Paul Dykes said: “When firefighters arrived they saw flames coming out of the first floor bedroom window.

“The crews did fantastically well, quickly getting to work and containing the blaze.”

The fire was under control by 9.42pm.

This article authored by Ellena Cruse was originally published in the Ilford Recorder: