Steve Reed MP: The riots – ten years on

6 Aug

Steve Reed OBE MP (Labour & Cooperative, Croydon North) has today shared his new report titled fter the Riots – Ten Years On marking exactly ten years since parts of London were in flames as riots broke out across the city.

In his e-mail to members, Steve writes:

“Ten years ago today, parts of London were in flames as riots broke out across our city.  Following the riots, the Government appointed a panel to identify the causes and make sure those terrifying scenes could never be repeated. 

“Ten years on, I’ve conducted research into what’s changed, what hasn’t and what lessons we can learn as we start our recovery from the pandemic.  In key areas identified by the panel for change, the Government has not only done nothing, they’ve made things much worse. In the ten years since the riots, youth services have been cut by 70%, police numbers are still lower than in 2011, reoffending rates remain at the same high rate of 1 in 3 young people reoffending within 12 months of a conviction. 

“Perhaps most shockingly of all, the 500,000 ‘forgotten families’ identified by the panel has expanded to become 1.6m forgotten children. These are children and young people living in families whose parents can’t care for them properly because of challenges in their own lives such as domestic violence, mental ill health or drug and alcohol addictions. They desperately need support, but they don’t get it because the Government has slashed funding for local government services by £15bn and targeted the hardest cuts on those communities with the highest needs. These families are where many of the young people involved in the riots came from, and the growing numbers show how the risk facing our society has grown bigger, and how so many young lives are being wasted. 

“The Conservative Government has betrayed the communities affected by the riots. Their divisive politics has created a growing gulf of inequality that scars our city and our country. I have attached a copy of my report, After the Riots: Ten Years On which lays bare just how the Government failed London and has let the risks that led to the riots a decade ago grow even greater today.”

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