Three car collision in Ilford street

7 Jan


It is a scene more common at a local fairground’s bumper car ride.

So it was fortunate none of passengers were seriously injured in the three-vehicle accident in Henley Road, Ilford, this afternoon.

Driver Saif Ahmed did break his hand in the incident, though.

Cllr Varinder Singh heard the collision from his home in the same road.

He said: “I have lived in this house since I was born 26 years ago and I have never seen a three car collision here – this is something new.

“A small roundabout was introduced a few years ago and that has helped traffic in the road.

“People now slow down – there used to be a lot more problems.”

Cllr Singh took a picture from his home on hearing a “loud bang” outside.

“I thought it was two cars but when I ran upstairs I saw it was three,” he added.

Police confirmed they attended the incident at 3pm.

“The officers did a great job in helping all the victims,” Cllr Singh said.

Originally published by the Ilford Recorder online:

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