Varinder endorses Sadiq Khan to be Labour’s London Mayoral candidate

17 Jun

The question at this election is clear: what do Londoners need? We need to fix the housing crisis. We need a Mayor that reflects modern, diverse and vibrant London. And we need a Mayor who will work with local councils to stand up for all Londoners against the Tory Government.

That’s why we’re backing Sadiq Khan to be the next Mayor of London.

Sadiq gets how important it is that we solve London’s housing crisis. We believe he is the best candidate to ensure all Londoners have a decent home that they can afford, particularly the two million that rent. He’ll stand up to Tory welfare cuts and the extension of right to buy, which threaten to make the housing crisis worse.

Sadiq knows that winning London will need us to fight harder everywhere. But he’s a fighter, and that’s why Sadiq Khan will make a fantastic Mayor for our great city. With Sadiq, we can change London together.


Rex Osborn, Leader of Wandsworth Labour Group
Stephen Alambritis, Leader of Merton Council
Linsey Cottington, Leader of Kingston on Thames Labour Group
Robert Atkinson, Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Labour Group
Richard Watts, Leader of Islington Council
Mo Khusheed, Leader of Hillingdon Labour Group
Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council
Steve Curran, Leader Hounslow Council
Ian Wingfield, Deputy Leader Southwark
Paul Smith, Deputy Leader Islington
Michael Pavey, Deputy Leader Brent
Rosena Allin-Khan, Councillor Wandsworth
Jeremy Ambache, Councillor Wandsworth
Fleur Anderson, Councillor Wandsworth
Peter Carpenter, Councillor Wandsworth
James Daley, Councillor Wandsworth
Candida Jones, Councillor Wandsworth
Andy Gibbons, Councillor Wandsworth
Sue Mckinney, Councillor Wandsworth
Simon Hogg, Councillor Wandsworth
Rachael Stokes, Councillor Wandsworth
Mark Thomas, Councillor Wandsworth
Nadeem Ali, Councillor Waltham Forest
Liaquat Ali, Councillor Waltham Forest
Mohammad Asghar, Councillor Waltham Forest
Aktar Beg, Councillor Waltham Forest
Naheed Asghar, Councillor Waltham Forest
Kastriot Berberi, Councillor Waltham Forest
Shabana Dhedhi, Councillor Waltham Forest
Ahsan Khan, Councillor Waltham Forest
Khevyn Limbajee Councillor Waltham Forest
Asim Mahmood, Councillor Waltham Forest
Sharon Waldron, Councillor Waltham Forest
Ayas Miah, Councillor Tower Hamlets
Sirajul Islam, Councillor Tower Hamlets
Marc Francis,Councillor Tower Hamlets
Asma Begum, Councillor Tower Hamlets
Jamsine Ali, Councillor Southwark
Vijay Luthra, Councillor Southwark
Sandra Rhule, Councillor Southwark
Gavin Edwards Edwards, Councillor Southwark
Jamille Mohamed, Councillor Southwark
Sunny Lambe, Councillor Southwark
Mushtaq Ahmed, Councillor Redbridge
Neil Zammett, Councillor Redbridge
Gurdial Bhamra, Councillor Redbridge
Shakil Ahmad, Councillor Redbridge
Mohammad Ahmed, Councillor Redbridge
Aziz Choudhury, Councillor Redbridge
Khayer Chowdhury, Councillor Redbridge
Helen Coomb, Councillor Redbridge
Zulfi Hussain, Councillor Redbridge
Muhammed Javed, Councillor Redbridge
Bert Jones, Councillor Redbridge
Paul Merry, Councillor Redbridge
Taifur Rashid, Councillor Redbridge
Kam Rai, Councillor Redbridge
Anne Sachs, Councillor Redbridge
Varinder Singh Bola, Councillor Redbridge
Rokhsana Fiaz, Councillor Newham
Ellie Robinson, Councillor Newham
John Gray, Councillor Newham
Rachel Tripp, Councillor Newham
Frances Clarke, Councillor Newham
David Christie, Councillor Newham
Paul Sathianesan, Councillor Newham
Zuber Gullasman, Councillor Newham
Bryan Collier, Councillor Newham
Firoza Nekiwala, Councillor Newham
Tahmina Rahman,Councillor Newham
Rohima Rahman, Councillor Newham
Jose Alexander, Councillor Newham
Steve Brayshaw, Councillor Newham
Obaid Khan, Councillor Newham
Neil Wilson, Councillor Newham
Susan Masters, Councillor Newham
Jeff Hanna, Councillor Merton
Stan Anderson, Councillor Merton
Pauline Cowper, Councillor Merton
Nick Draper, Councillor Merton
Fidelis Gadzama, Councillor Merton
Sally Kenny, Councillor Merton
Brenda Fraser, Councillor Merton
Philip Jones, Councillor Merton
Andrew Judge, Councillor Merton
Peter Bernards, Councillor Lewisham
Bill Brown, Councillor Lewisham
Joe Dromey, Councillor Lewisham
Janet Daby, Councillor Lewisham
David Michael, Councillor Lewisham
Jacq Paschoud, Councillor Lewisham
John Paschoud, Councillor Lewisham
Jonathan Slater, Councillor Lewisham
James Walsh, Councillor Lewisham
Andrew Wilson, Councillor Lambeth
Marsha De Cordova, Councillor Lambeth
Edward Davey, Councillor Lambeth
Paul Gadsby, Councillor Lambeth
Robert Thompson, Councillor Kensington and Chelsea
Judith Blakeman, Councillor Kensington and Chelsea
Kat Fletcher, Councillor Islington
ALice Donovan, Councillor Islington
Flora Williamson, Councillor Islington
Jilani Chowdhury, Councillor Islington
Olly Parker, Councillor Islington
Nick Ward, Councillor Islington
Troy Gallagher, Councillor Islington
Clare Jeapes, Councilor Islington
James Murray, Councillor Islington
Gary Doolan, Councillor Islingon
Manjit Buttar, Councillor Hounslow
Bandna Chopra, Councillor
Gurmail Lal, Councillor
Shaida Mehrban,Councillor
Hina Mir, Councillor Hounslow
Samia Chaudhary, Councillor Hounslow
Sue Sampson, Councillor Hounslow
Hanif Khan, Councillor Hounslow
Alan Mitchell, Councillor Hounslow
Bob Whatley, Councillor Hounslow
Ali Hashem, Councillor Hammersmith and Fulham
Mete Coban, Councillor Hackney
Stephen Brain, Councillor Greenwich
Christopher Kirby, Councillor Greenwich
Chris Lloyd, Councillor Greenwich
Victoria Pite, Councillor Enfield
Steve Hynes, Councillor Ealing
Tariq Mahmood, Councillor Ealing
Dee Martin, Councillor Ealing
Aysha Raza,Councillor Ealing
Bassam Mafouz, Councillor Ealing
Hitesh Tailor, CouncillorEaling
Paul Scott, Councillor Croydon
Sherwan Chowdhury, Councillor Croydon
Jenny Headlam-Wells, Councillor Camden
Lorna Russell, Councillor Camden
Ian Dunn, Councillor Bromley
Abdifatah Aden, Councillor Brent
Aisha Eniola, Councillor Brent
James Deneslow, Councillor Brent
Aslam Choudry, Councillor Brent
Kana Naheerathan, Councillor Brent
Amer Agha, Councillor Brent
Krupesh Hirani, Councillor Brent
Aisha Hoda-Benn, Councillor Brent
Wilhelmina Mitchell-Murray, Councillor Brent
Sarah Marquis, Councillor Brent
Arshad Mahmood, Councillor Brent
Amy Trevethan, Councillor Barnet
Devra Kay, Councillor Barnet
Alon Or-Bach, Councillor Barnet
Paul Edwards, Councillor Barnet
Syed Ahammad, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Sam Tarry, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Bill Turner, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
John White, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Dominic Twomey, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Jeff Wade, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Maureen Worby, Councillor Barking and Dagenham
Barry Kendler, Councillor Harrow

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